First Week

Alas. I have failed at blogging in a timely fashion once again. Not only that, but I’ve also failed to come up with a creative title for this post. AND I have no pictures to accompany this post. Please don’t judge me.

I started my 10K training last Monday! In search of blogging inspiration, I went back to look at some of my 5K training posts from this past summer. Looking over those posts more than anything put this past week into perspective for me. What I considered to be a major challenge eight months ago (you want me to run for five minutes without stopping and then keep doing more? Are you out of your mind?) now seems almost laughable.  While obviously the circumstances were a lot different–June is a bit warmer and more humid around here than February, after all–and I was capable of running farther than that, it’s still cool to see how far I’ve progressed.

For my 10K training, I’m following-ish the training plan provided by the race I’m running. This plan generally speaking has me doing easy runs on Mondays and Wednesday, intervals/hills/running not as easily on Tuesdays, cross training on Fridays, and long(ish) runs on Saturdays. Sundays and Thursdays are rest days. There are some variations, but that’s the gist of things.

This week, I ran two miles on Monday, two miles on Wednesday, and three miles on Saturday. My Monday run was also my inaugural Garmin run, and I’m officially in love. Running with my Garmin makes me feel a lot more free to go where I please, because it will keep track of my distance for me. Since I’m training based on distance rather than time now, that’s become really important. It’s also very helpful for when unexpected things thwart my original route plan–things like trains (Monday) and 5Ks (Saturday).

Yes, on Saturday, I chose to run in an area of town that has heated sidewalks to melt the snow, which we got a decent amount of Thursday night through Saturday morning. As I was running, I happened to cross paths with my aunt, who was also running in the same area of town yesterday morning. I joined up with her, and she asked me if I was headed to the starting line of the Snowmelt Shuffle (or something like that). I wasn’t, but apparently a lot of other people were. While the race was only a fun run, I generally feel like it’s bad form to run on a course during a race when you’re not actually in the race, so I found other clear sidewalks to run on. Thank goodness for family!

This week of training will be a little different for me than the schedule recommends, because I still have one day left of Women’s Body Conditioning which may or may not include the century crossfit in addition to other fitness tests to see if we improved over the course of our half semester class. You better believe I’m not running in addition to that madness.

Have you run a 10K before? Tell me about your experience!

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