Beginning Again

Two posts in a week? Look at me go!

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t posted much about running lately. There’s a very good reason for that: I haven’t been running much lately. Over semester break, my back began to feel twingy again. It could have been brought on by more running than I was used to, but I also have a pretty lousy desk chair at home that I think aggravated the situation. Whatever the problem was, I decided to scale way back on my running for January and February to avoid further injury. I stayed active with a lot of swimming and my conditioning class and only ran once every other week to keep my legs reminded of what running feels like. Staying as healthy as possible  during that time was very important to me because 10K training starts on Monday!

I’m SO excited to start training for my first 10K. At the moment, my PDR is 3.6 miles, and I’m really pumped to increase that over the next 12 weeks. My only “real” goal for the race is to finish it without walking. I also hope to finish it in 1:10 or less, which doesn’t seem at all unattainable to me. I’d rather set a really attainable time goal and be happy when I meet it than set a lofty time goal for my first race. After all, regardless of what happens–even if I walked the whole thing–I’ll PR.

As a motivational pre-training/late-Christmas/SUPER-late-birthday present to myself, I swung by my local specialty store today…

*explodes with excitement* AHHHHH!! MY VERY OWN GARMIN!! I’ve wanted a Garmin for quite some time now so I’m stoked to finally have one. I didn’t get anything too fancy-schmancy because I don’t want anything crazy at this point, but I definitely wanted something that would keep track of my distance for me, especially because I hope that this 10K will be the first of many longer distance races. Unfortunately I don’t have time to play with it right now…a Friday night homework session is calling my name 😦 . But you better believe I’ll be wearing it on Monday!

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