Rogue Reviews: The Flying Scotsman

Disclaimer: I bought The Flying Scotsman when I was in Scotland, so I’m not entirely sure that you’ll find it in your average U.S. bookstore. In case you can’t, you can feel free to keep this in mind when your travels take you to the land of bagpipes and tartan 🙂

Time for the second installment of Rogue Reviews!

The Flying Scotsman: The Eric Liddell Story

by Sally Magnusson


The Flying Scotsman is a biography about Eric Liddell, the Scottish runner whose life inspired the film Chariots of Fire.

Having never actually seen Chariots of Fire myself, I'm going to take Barney the Tour Guide's word for it that this beach was in the movie.

Though Eric Liddell is best known for his unexpected win in the 400 at the 1924 Olympics, he spent much of his life in missionary work in China. His celebrity in Scotland did not prevent him from returning to the area of the world where he was born to missionary parents and working as a teacher and missionary during a volatile time in China’s history.

I didn’t know much about Eric Liddell before reading The Flying Scotsman. He seems to have led a very interesting and admirable life and, from what I gathered from the book, is definitely someone whose values are worth imitating. The biography is a bit rosy and biased, but as long as you take things with a little bit of salt I think the book does a good job of telling Liddell’s life story. I might have appreciated this book more than the average person given that I bought it and started to read it while in Scotland, but I think anyone with an interest in running or the life of a man of faith would enjoy reading it as well.

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