Cross Fit: Century Workout

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’m currently in a women’s body conditioning class, where any misconceptions or pride I had about my personal level of fitness are put to rest twice a week. That class kicks. my. butt. I knew heading into it that it’d be a challenge–it is taught by the volleyball coach, who is well-known around here for her intensity–but man, I thought by this point I wouldn’t be quite as dead during each workout. Things are getting slightly better: I can usually walk the day after class now, which is a huge improvement from earlier this semester.

Even though the class is probably one of the hardest classes I’ve taken in college and I generally hate life during our workouts (especially when we do 15 minute [or more] abs…oof), I’ve never regretted taking it. I’ve learned so many new workouts and have been challenged physically in a way that would never have happened if I were working out by myself.

One of the things Coach likes to make us do is what she calls Cross Fit. We’re not doing that CrossFit (thank goodness!). Coach defines Cross Fit as accomplishing a certain amount of work in as little time as possible. More endurance = less time.

Coach has five or so different Cross Fit routines, all named after various schools that beat our volleyball team this year (a genius move, in my opinion–nothing would make me dislike a school quite as much as associating it with one of these workouts). For the sake of protecting the innocent, I’m renaming the workouts. I’ve only had to do the privilege ( 😉 ) of doing two of these so far, but they’re definitely worth sharing.

In what I’m calling the century cross fit, the “work to be accomplished” is 100 pushups, sit ups, pull ups, and squats (hence the name). The key to getting all of this done is not letting it overwhelm you–you don’t have to do all 100 things at a time. When I did this, I did 10 sets of 10, rotating more or less in the order listed to give my arms muscles a chance to rest with no rest between sets. I finished everything in 16:10, which I was happy with. Some people finished in about 9:30, others were a little after 18:00. We did this as one of our baseline fitness tests, so hopefully by the end of the class I’ll have shaved a few minutes off my time.

Cross fit is definitely a challenge, but I highly recommend it. The sense of accomplishment alone is pretty awesome, and it’s a sweet workout. I’ll post the other one later 🙂

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