Silver Lining

Somewhere in the process of becoming a runnerd, I developed a superiority complex. A year ago, I only exercised in gyms and only did this exercising in old t-shirts and Soffe-esque shorts. Working out in anything but a gym struck me as crazy and buying clothes to sweat in seemed stupid. (Okay, maybe I’ve always had a superiority complex 😉 ).

Not only do I now have quite the obsession with workout clothes, but I’ve become super hardcore about outside running. If the road/sidewalk is not completely snow covered and it’s not raining, you’ll find me pounding the pavement.

Unfortunately, all the pavement was definitely snow covered on Monday, so I was forced onto my least favorite machine of all time: the treadmill. I’ve done a little bit of treadmill running while on break for the sake of convenience on my strength training days, but that only lasts five minutes.

Since there was nothing pretty to look at on my treadmill run, I thought instead. Sometimes I think about deep things during runs, but on Monday I thought about myself. Specifically, I thought about my running form. On my outside runs, I rarely pay attention to my form because honestly, I have bigger fish to fry (not getting hit by cars, not tripping over uneven pavement, you know. The usual). Since these hazards don’t exist on the treadmill, I really made an effort to focus on the way my feet hit the treadmill, the way my legs moved, the way my arms swung, the way I carried myself. Conclusion: my form could use some work. I don’t really subscribe to the there-is-one-right-way-to-run train of thought, but I do think decent form can lead to more efficient running and less injury, which seems like as good of a reason as any to work on improving the aspects of my form that are currently less-than-stellar.

What’s the moral of this story? As much as I dislike treadmill running, it, like most things, does have some positive aspects. I became more aware of problems, and this awareness can lead to improvement. I’m not going to claim that for the rest of the year I’m going to think to look for the silver lining in every situation, but having this perspective definitely made my treadmill run a lot more bearable. Something to keep in mind and worth sharing 🙂

Where have you found a silver lining in a lousy situation?

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