In 2012, I Will…

…read for fun one hour per week.


This does not strike me as an unrealistic goal. One hour per week boils down to less than 10 minutes per day. If I can’t find 10 spare minutes in my day to take a break from whatever I’m doing, then I need to reevaluate my priorities and commitments. I intend to pursue a career in writing after graduation, and every writer knows that the quickest way to improve your own writing is to read others’ writings. Here’s to finally getting some mileage out of my library card.

…continue to stay active and achieve new fitness goals.


I’m not ignorant: I know that after I graduate, it will be a much bigger challenge to maintain the same fitness level I currently have. I have free access to a full gym and plenty of flexibility in my schedule that allows me to workout just about whenever I please because I’m in college right now. That will all change in May. Over the past few months, though, I’ve learned that developing fitness habits and sticking to them is good for me. I barely strength trained all summer because I constantly found reasons to avoid it. When I committed to a regular strength training schedule at the beginning of last semester, I had a complete attitude shift and now I can’t imagine excluding strength training from my personal fitness. I want to keep these habits up. I’d also like to continue working on my endurance, especially in swimming and running (I’m running my first 10K in May!)

…expand my cooking horizons by trying something new twice a month.


Cooking for one presents several unexpected challenges, not the least of which is dish size. It’s tricky to make a decent meal for one person, which means I often end up with leftovers that put me on a cook for one week, eat leftovers for one week cycle. This makes finding or creating a new recipe every week a bit unrealistic. I really want to move beyond my normal staples of pasta and chicken, and I hope that by discovering and trying new recipes I will be inspired to create some of my own.

…make a conscious effort to develop my relationships.


This is a two-fold goal. I want to make a concentrated effort, particularly in these next four months, to deepen my friendships with those who have come to mean the most to me in college. I realize that friends come into and fall out of our lives, and I know that not every relationship I have in college will last a lifetime. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t spend time with people while I have the opportunity. I’ve regretted nights I’ve wasted away on Facebook, but I’ve rarely regretted spending time in conversation and memory-making with someone.


I also want to make a concentrated effort in developing my relationship with God. I don’t talk a lot about my faith on this blog because it’s never really been something I’m comfortable talking about. I have a real problem with sleep-walking through my spiritual life, though, and making spiritual development an option rather than a priority. If I’m going to focus on my relationships with people, I also need to focus on my relationship with God. That truly is the most important relationship I have, but I do a very poor job of maintaining and growing that relationship.

What are your 2012 goals?

3 thoughts on “In 2012, I Will…

  1. love this post. we have similar goals! i definitely want to work on maintaining my friendships as well; it seems as though after college, when everyone does their own thing, it becomes harder and harder to see and talk to old friends. but relationships work if you want them to, which is a comforting fact!

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