In 2011, I…

In January, I defied every instinct in me and moved to Chicago participate in an off-campus internship program.

In February, I fell in love with everything Chicago.

In March, I ran for the first time in two years.

In April, I realized that returning to the house I grew up in felt like leaving and going back to Chicago felt like coming home.

In May, I flew across the ocean and discovered the beauty of Scotland.

In June, I returned to my beloved summer job and started training for my first 5K.

In July, I successfully did not melt in the heat.

In August, I took major strides towards kicking my OCD habit and ran my first 5K.

In September, I turned 21.

In October, I healed, chopped of nine inches of hair that I had grown out for three years and ten months, and found myself never able to watch a sunset the same way again.

In November, I finished my career as a participant and leader in a student organization that changed my life and ran my second 5K.

In December, I took my first trip to Seattle sans parents and discovered that my roommates have become a second family to me.

Though none of you knew me this time last year, I assure you that 2011 has been a landmark year for me. If you met the December 2010 version of myself, you wouldn’t recognize me. I have never changed more over the course of a year than this year, and every single one of these changes has made me a better person. I’m at a better place than I’ve ever been because of the many, many experiences I’ve had this year. Here’s to more good things in 2012.

What’s changed for you this year?

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