The top three things I am ready for now that it is December:

3. Snow

This one time it snowpocalypsed and I survived. nbd.

This one is a little odd. Normally I’m gung-ho about winter weather, but this year I’ve been happy to delay it as long as possible. I have two theories about this. Theory #1: My newfound love for running makes me grateful for every sunny day. I’ll run outside whatever the weather (unless it’s precipitating), but I have a feeling that might change once the snow starts to fall. Theory #2: Last winter lasted until the end of April. I believe the last snow was near the beginning of the month, but I remember going home the week before my semester ended and not feeling confident enough to leave my winter coat at home. Turns out it was a good idea–I wore my winter coat the last Monday of last spring semester. It’s no wonder I’ve been stubborn and kept it in my closet as long as possible this season.

2. Christmas music

I can tolerate holidays in small doses. I am definitely not that person who gets excited when I see Christmas decorations out in the store before Halloween. Don’t get me wrong–I love Christmas. I just want to celebrate it for a limited amount of time. The holiday music on my iTunes has officially been taken off the Do Not Play list, and it’s nice to hear songs I’ve forgotten.

1. Three weeks off of school

Me during semester break.


This semester break will be my last semester break ever (barring a potential grad school adventure many, many moons from now). I’m spending a week in Seattle, three days pretending it’s summer by working at my summer job, and 26 glorious, beautiful, wonderful homework free days.

The top three things I am not ready for now that it is December:

3. Finals week

I shouldn’t complain, because I only have one final. That final will be miserable, as it’s in Dutch. I’m in first level Dutch class and it has not exactly lived up to my expectations, i.e.: the only word I know is “post office.” Also, I’ve learned two verbs. Needless to say I’m completely inept in the language and my exams in that class do not go well.

2. Three weeks off of school

While taking a three-week break from homework will be lovely, I’m not particularly looking forward to three weeks away from school. I really like spending time with my friends and roommates here, and while I love my family, I also like living on my own.

1. 2012

GRADUATION YEAR. Where has my life gone?!

What are you looking forward to/not looking forward to in December?

P.S. This is apparently my 50th post, and I’m pretty excited about that so I thought I’d share 🙂

One thought on “December

  1. when i was in high school i would make lists in my journal every so often of “things to look forward to” and “things to dread” haha. i still keep a journal, but i don’t list things to dread because i try to be more positive (or maybe just pretend the negative ones don’t exist?) in december i look forward to: some days off of work for christmas, going home for christmas, having my two good friends come visit in 2 weeks, and cozy, snowy days!

    yay for your 50th post! 🙂 🙂

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