Just Keep Swimming

Five things learned while injured:

1. The lifeguard is not judging you for being completely inept at swimming–(s)he is simply watching you to make sure you don’t die. The ex-competitive swimmers in the lane next to you, though? Totally judging.

2. Even though the “rules” may say it is “mandatory” for you to wear a swim cap if your hair is longer than shoulder length…

…this can be easily disguised by a carefully constructed bun. Or, you know, you could semi-spontaneously chop nine inches off your hair, thus temporarily solving the longer-than-shoulder-length issue.

Yep. That happened. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

3. Strength training is the JAM. Seriously. I put a lot of effort into training the muscles I could while I couldn’t swim, and I’m in love. It makes me feel strong and powerful, and that, friends, is a great feeling.

4. The value of resting. Not only does it make 200s attainable in the pool, but it can also help your back to no longer cripple you 🙂

5. I actually really like running.

Confession: Since I started for realzies running at the beginning of June, I wasn’t doing it out of a sheer passion for running. I ran to stay in shape (or rather, get in better shape). There were moments when I loved it, but more often than not running fell a lot closer to the “chore” side of the enjoyable-chore continuum than the “enjoyable” side. After my injury was bad enough to prevent me from running, I moved on to other forms of cardio to keep in shape. I started swimming because I couldn’t handle the thought of taking a whole week off of all exercise.

During those two weeks I found myself deeply jealous whenever I saw people running on the sidewalk. I wanted to lace up my shoes and get out there with them. When I put my Barringers a full week since I was issued my “Do not run under any circumstance period ever no matter what for the next week” ultimatum, there was not one ounce of dread in me. I could barely contain my excitement. Swimming is great, but running is so, so much better.

What’s a recent ah-ha! moment you’ve had?

P.S. I started writing this post two full weeks ago. This is the first weekend since Labor Day that I have no large, time-consuming activities planned on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. These two things may be related. (It’s also the last weekend I have until December 9-11 with nothing large planned, and that’s the weekend before finals. Welcome to my life, folks).

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