Injuries are Stupid

Three weeks until race day.

My next 5K is a really low-key deal. It’s so low-key, in fact, that it’s free! The registration for the race is finally available (see: this race is really low-key, haha), and apparently since I’m a student I don’t have to pay one penny to run. I could pay $5 if I want a t-shirt, but since I’m pretty sure it’s a cotton t-shirt, not a tech shirt, I think I’d rather save my money.

That’s the good news. The bad news: I’m broken 😦

Remember my back injury? Yeah, it’s back with a vengance. I don’t know what to blame this time, but I really don’t think my shoes carry responsibility. I never took any time off after initially hurting my back, and I think I’ve just pushed it too far. My BFF Google tells me it’s a muscle strain. I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is HURTS. My back usually hurt a little during or immediately after runs, but now it’s a constant pain in my back, right here:

Lightening bolts = Owie 😦

BFF Google says that’s my psoras major (she said, as if she knew anything technical about anatomy). They’re part of the larger hip flexor group, so maybe it’s a hip issue? I don’t know. Whatever it is is no fun.

I’ve resigned myself to cardio machines for the time being. I elliptical-ed for half an hour in place of my scheduled half hour run today, and while my back did hurt, it didn’t HURT like it did when I ran on Wednesday. It’s been getting better each day, but it’s not healed by any means.

The whole situation is just frustrating because I really thought my back was getting better. I don’t want to stop running because I desperately want to run this 5K in three weeks, but running is obviously just making the problem worse. Since I’m currently hoping to run an 8K in April and a 10K in May, I don’t want to do anything that’ll make the damage worse than it is. Here’s hoping resting for a week or so will solve my problems.

Ever been injured? What did you do to heal?

4 thoughts on “Injuries are Stupid

  1. I always take a full day or two of rest if its a muscle soreness/sprain. I would say do that and see if it helps. Ice the area, rest it, etc. A few days wouldn’t hurt you being able to do this 5K I don’t think. That’s at least what I would do. 🙂

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