Birthday Recap!

As I made quite clear, a certain someone turned a year older on Sunday (that someone was me 🙂 ). It wasn’t just any ol’ birthday either: Ladies and gentlemen, yours truly is finally 21.

I never thought my 21st birthday would be that big of a deal because I’m really not into alcohol. In fact, I had never once had so much as a sip of alcohol before my 21st birthday, not even during my May in Scotland.

*obligatory Scotland picture*

My high school had a bad incident with alcohol when I was a freshman. It really turned me off to the entire concept of drinking, so I repeatedly chose to not drink. Simple as that. At this point in my life, though, nearly all of my friends are 21, and I was awfully tired of always being the one who has no choice but to stay home when my friends went out because I wasn’t old enough to go along with them.

The Wednesday before my birthday, my roommates and I had a combined August/September birthday celebration. Of the six of us, four of us were born between August 19 and September 18. One of the non-birthday roommates made a fantastic cake that we did some serious work on in about fifteen minutes.

Needless to say, we did not have leftovers.

My birthday itself was kind of low-key: church in the morning, meeting/retreat for a student organization I’m on the executive board for all afternoon, Applebee’s for dinner, worship service on campus at night. I did purchase my first alcoholic beverage ever at Applebee’s, but I literally drank so little that you could barely tell I had any.

My family celebrated my birthday the day before, so that was when all the fun stuff happened. We had a birthday brunch on Saturday morning, which was unreal. French toast dishes, egg bakes, muffins, fruit salad…bliss. We also went to a college football game to watch my cousin “play” (he’s on the team, but he’s second string so he doesn’t get in much). His team got smoked, sadly, but at least it wasn’t his fault! Haha. We also went out to dinner that night at a restaurant in an old train station. I’m a bit of a history buff, so I get really into historic locations like that.

So now I’m 21! Yay! Overall I had a really lovely birthday, and I’m thrilled to finally feel like a big kid 🙂

What did you do for your last birthday?

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