Less Than 24 Hours…

…until my birthday! Yay!

Which I’m posting mostly to explain my most recent absence (because obviously I’ve been so good about blogging regularly in the past few weeks…ahem). I’ve been working my tail off all week long to get my homework done. Last year, my birthday fell on Saturday, and my birthday present to myself was to do no homework the entire day. It was the greatest birthday present ever, so I wanted to do that again this year, especially because my day tomorrow is packed from when I get up until the day ends. I had absolutely no time to blog while I was busy getting like two days ahead on homework. Such is life.

I definitely don’t have time to create a decent post now either, so a preview of what is to come!

– More 5K training updates! Yay!
– Another new recipe (or two? I’m about to go experiment…)
– Birthday recap, fo’ sho’ 🙂

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