Round Two

Hi. I still exist 🙂

As I mentioned last week, I’ve started training for my next 5K!  I really enjoyed the race I ran about three weeks ago and want to continue my running career, so I’m planning on running a race in October. It’ll be another small one if the past couple of years are any indication, but there will be a lot more people around my age, which I think will create a really different atmosphere.

I decided to follow the Couch-to-5K training plan again because I really like how it prepared me last time. I’m also wanted to control one variable in the running equation to see how this race goes compared to my last one, and my running schedule is about the only thing that will be the same this time. I ran my first race on a warm and humid Saturday morning in August on a rolling course. While I don’t know exactly what the weather for my second race will look like, I imagine it will be a bit cooler and less humid. The race is on a Friday evening and the area I’ll be running in is a lot flatter than the first race. I know all of these differences will make it hard to fairly compare things like time and how I feel, so I figured I’d at least keep my training consistent.

Unfortunately, things have been kind of rough so far. Last Saturday my lower back started to hurt about half a mile into my run. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time, but when it still hurt on Sunday I started to be a little concerned. Since my current runs are actually run/walks, heavy on the walk, I’ve kept training. While the back pain has gone away while I’m living my “normal” life, it has a tendency to flare up when I’m running.

At this point my shoes are the only explanation I can come up with.

But we're too beautiful to be blamed!

I switched to these shoes after my 5K in August. When I took them for an easy two-mile break-in jog, I had no problems. I ran in these shoes for the second time last Saturday: the first time my back started to bother me. The arch support in these is a lot different than what I’m used to, so maybe that has something to do with it? I honestly don’t know. I bought the shoes from a specialty store, so I’m planning on going to the store tomorrow to see if they can help me out at all. I really hope they can, because I’d love to run pain free!

In other running news, I’ve been challenged to a 10K in May… 🙂

What’s the worst running injury you’ve had?

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