The End

(Advance apologies for a super short post. I’m running ridiculously behind tonight…alas).

Training is over! 9 week later, I am finally ready for my first 5K on Saturday. I *technically* still have one run left in the Couch-to-5K training program, but since I normally run my last run of the week on Saturdays, I’m replacing that training run with the actual 5K. After getting an e-mail yesterday about Saturday’s race that described the 5K course as “rolling,” I went for as hilly of a run as I could find today. Literally the entire run was hills, which led to some serious calf burning. I think it’ll be worth it on Saturday, though. I ran somewhere in the general area of 3.3 miles today, though that does include my five minute warmup walk. Take that away and I probably ran three miles. That has me a little slower than I hope to run on Saturday, but I’m sure once I’m in the race environment my pace will be a bit faster than it is on my low motivation training runs.

Musings and such on this whole process are coming in the next couple of days, as are Kick The Habit updates!

Words of wisdom for my first race?

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