The Beast

One more training run! That thought is almost as difficult to wrap my mind around as the realization that it is already AUGUST. Whoa. Where has this summer/year in general gone??

For my last week of training I’m putting in 30 minute runs. That’s only two minutes longer than last week, but it felt like wayyyy more than that. Part of that had to do with the weather, since it was a bit more humid today than last week, but another big part of it had to do with the course I ran today. I ran a new-to-me road today–one I’ve biked on a lot, but have never run. I loved to hate biking this road because of my frenemy The Beast. The Beast is my name for a not-insanely-steep-but-sure-steep-enough quarter-mile long hill. I hated biking The Beast because it was nonstop thigh burning madness. Running The Beast turned out to not be quite as bad as biking him (the hill is a he, obviously), but since I tackled two other hills similar to The Beast (none quite as long/steep, but definitely long/steep enough) today’s run was a doozy. I ran about 3.25 miles, though, which is awesome. For kicks I timed my last mile and clocked it at just over 10 minutes. I don’t really want to be putting in 10 minute miles on race day, but since that was my last mile of a tough run, I’m not too concerned about it at the moment.

Kick The Habit update time!

Today was the first official day of Kick The Habit by Freely Be, and I’ve got to say that I’m pretty proud of myself. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m spending the month of August to work on improving my OCD tendencies. I started this morning wearing one item of clothing different than I normally wear on Mondays, which was a big deal for me because two Mondays ago I considered making the change I made today but didn’t because I was afraid to. This afternoon was huge for me, though. Literally since I started driving (almost five years ago) I’ve insisted on listening to the same two radio stations–country on the way to my destination, Top 40 on the return trip. I really have no interest in changing my country music station because I’m throughly in love with the station I listen to. The only good Top 40 station I can get for my return trip comes out of a town an hour away from my home, and it’s usually pretty static-y. I’ve always put up with it because the local station is so bad, but today I was farther from home than usual and couldn’t get my normal station at all. Instead of dealing with it like I did the last time this happened, I switched to a completely different genre and listened to that on the way home. I know it sounds minimal, but that was honestly a huge step for me. I think tomorrow will be more of a struggle because the forecast for tomorrow is a bit on the thunder-y side of what I’m okay with, but we’ll see!

Any week-before-the-5K advice you have for me?

P.S. I learned today that one of my college classmates was seriously injured while participating in a Warrior Dash over the weekend. He had an accident of some sort (I don’t know any details) and is now paralyzed from the chest down. While I didn’t know him that well, he’s a very physically active guy and was involved in a lot of things on campus. If you could please say a prayer for him and his family, I’d be extremely grateful. Thanks 🙂

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