Home Stretch

Two runs.

70 minutes.

That’s how much training I have left. That’s it. By this time next week, I’ll have completed my first 5K. It’s a really weird concept to wrap my mind around. I’ve been training for this race since I got home from Scotland, and it’s hard to imagine not having to do this much longer.

I would’ve liked to run this morning to get one last feel for a Saturday morning run, since that’s what the 5K will be after all, but that didn’t happen. Instead I ran this afternoon and it was HOT. I still ran three miles, though, which made me happy. There’s just something about hitting that three mile mark for me. These past three runs have been pretty much the only runs that I haven’t had to fight to keep moving at the very end, and it’s been an great feeling. I cannot wait for race day 🙂

I have to admit, though, I am a bit nervous about next week’s training. On Wednesday my boss asked me if I could work a bit of a different schedule at work next week and I agreed to do it. What failed to occur to me at the moment of agreement was that this different schedule involves leaving home around 6:20 and arriving home at about 6:30…that’s a.m. and p.m. respectively, folks. I’m going to have to get running literally within five minutes of arriving home, which has me wrapping up my run around 7:10 or so…which has me wrapping up my shower around 7:45 or so…which has me eating dinner at 8:00. Oh, and my bedtime is 9:00, because I’m very much a needs-8-or-more-hours-of-sleep-to-function type of person. Awesome. This is my advance apology for potentially short and picture-less blog posts next week.

In other running news, look what I got today!

I’ve been running and/or working out in the same pair of shoes for about five or six years now, so I figured it was high time for a new pair. I actually got a new pair a few months ago, but I got those shoes without really trying them on or being properly fitted for them. They squeezed my toes together so bad that my toenails would cut their neighboring toes and the laces cut off the circulation in my feet. In other words, they didn’t work. At all. My local active sports store had a really good sale this weekend, though, so I headed down there. I was between these Brooks Ravennas and a pair of Nike Lunar…somethings. I don’t remember which one they were. I did really like the Nikes, but the Brooks were $30 cheaper, so they won out in the end. Plus purple is my favorite color to wear of the moment 😉 . Obviously I’m not running in these shoes yet, but I seriously cannot wait to break them in after my 5K next week.

Just being in the store got me all jazzed up for the race next week. I loved being surrounded by other people who are passionate about running and active sports. I’ve done all of my training solo, and on the tougher runs especially it’s been difficult to keep my motivation and passion up. Part of me wants to seek out a running buddy or two, but I also like being able to do everything at my own pace and on my own time. I guess we’ll see!

Do you train alone or with other people? Which do you prefer?

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