Faithful readers, we are a mere 10 days from my first 5K ever! I’m having a hard time trying to wrap my mind around the whole racing concept. The closest I’ve come to running a race is jogging along the Lakefront Trail in Chicago where I actually, you know, encountered other people, unlike most of the runs I’ve done in this training.

On that note, I have fantastic news! I ran 3.1 miles today! *Technically* that wasn’t all run. I put in another 33 minutes like I did on Monday, so the first five were once again walked, but that’s beside the point. The point is mapmyrun.com says I ran 3.15 miles today, which not only is the farthest I’ve ever run in one shot, but is also the distance I’ll be going in the 5K (obviously). I’m really excited that I made it that far in that time (especially considering that I walked the first five minutes), because this puts me right about where I’d like to be for the race. It is worth noting that today’s run was mostly flat, unlike Monday’s run which was mostly hilly. I know the course for the actual race will affect my time, but for now I’m really happy with where I am.

I have no pictures relevant to my run today, but pictures this adorable are always relevant:


We can’t be friends anymore if you don’t find that to be the cutest thing you’ve seen all day.

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