Rain is a Good Thing

Name that tune, easier edition! It rained this morning, and it was delightful. Even more delightful were the following four hours of cloud cover that kind of almost sort of made it bearable to, you know, exist. This heat wave can move along any time now.

Because today was even hotter than Monday, I moved my run indoors again. All of this week’s runs are 25 minute ones, so I thought I’d be ambitious on the treadmill today and push myself with a steady 5.5 pace. That lasted all of 10 minutes before I brought it back down to 5.0. Even with that my back still started to feel weird and pressure-y and achey and generally all-around the opposite of how your back is supposed to feel while running. Since this never happens outside I figure it must have something to do with how I run on the treadmill…I just have no idea what that something is. Guesses?

I’ve entertained myself these past two runs on the treadmill by watching old home movies from when I was a wittle kid.

Fact: I was freaking precious as a child

Aww! It’s a wittle Bethany!

I don’t often break out the old home videos, so it has been quite the experience seeing myself as an itty bitty kid. Things I’ve learned:

– Four days after I was born, my mom declared me to be more alert in the morning. That’s still true.
– I was a little jerkface when it came to present opening at Christmas. I would try to open my little sister’s presents and sneak my own presents out from under the tree when it wasn’t my turn.
– I used to rock out Barney footie pajamas. You know you’re jealous.

The weirdest part of watching these home videos, though, is seeing my grandparents and great-grandparents who have died during my lifetime. I was shocked to see my grandpa at his and Grandma’s house during Christmas when I was three. Since he only died a few years ago he was obviously very much alive on that Christmas, but I’ve gotten so used to being at that house without him there that I was taken aback at hearing his voice and seeing his face. It was such a strange feeling.

Seriously. What the heck is going on with my back?
Do you ever watch old home movies?

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