The City’s in a Heat Wave…

Name that tune without doing a Google search. Automatic upgrade to Favorite Person Ever if you can.

Today when I got home from work, the temperature in the shade looked like this:

Pictured: NOT OKAY.

So my run looked like this:


Hardly the same as running outside. I may be dedicated to my 5K and to my training, but I’m not so dedicated that I’m willing to put myself in danger to prepare for it. Treadmill running it was. I’ve hit the homestretch of the Couch to 5K running plan, which means from here on out I’m doing all runs. No more run/walks for me! While that’s slightly intimidating, it also makes pounding out my runs on the treadmill a lot easier. I played around with the incline when I felt so inclined (see what I did there?), moving between 1.5 and 2.0, but I ran at a steady 5.0 pace the entire time. I was definitely tired by the end of my 25 minutes and my back felt really funny, like my spine had been compressed or something else equally not-normal, but I imagine that has a lot to do with the fact that I ran at a more or less steady pace the entire time today. That doesn’t come close to happening when I’m running out on the road.

I thought about doing a couple planks for a hot second before deciding that swimming a couple laps in the pool would probably be just as much of an arm workout (obviously), so I did that instead. I don’t think my pool has ever felt so refreshing as it did today.

After showering off, I enjoyed Emily‘s amazing Strawberry Pesto Pasta Salad, which I prepared as soon as I got home so it would have time to chill in the fridge while I worked out. I barely altered the recipe so there’s no point in posting my version, other than to say that I left out all the salt and pepper but added feta cheese (highly recommended if you’re not vegan like Emily). It was SUCH an interesting combination of flavors: sweet and savory and refreshing (not that that’s a flavor) all at the same time. I loved it almost as much as I hated cleaning up the mess I made after the fact 😛

How do you keep cool in unbearable heat?

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