“Long Run”

So once again, my wonderful Friday afternoon strength training plans were thwarted. This is the third week in a row that I’ve skipped that workout. Failsauce. However, unlike two weeks ago when I had a stomachache to end all stomachaches and last week when my back had some horrendous reaction to something or other and hurt to think about, let alone touch, this week my plans were thwarted by much better plans: hanging out with two of my very best work friends and a couple other friends from work. One of my best friends lives on a lake, so we went out on his boat, swam, wakeboarded (or rather, they wakeboarded. I watched), and just really enjoyed each other’s company. Later we went to one of the other friend’s house and “watched” (by which I mean slept through) War of the Worlds. Honestly one of the best Friday nights I’ve had…ever…and completely worth skipping my workout for [see: what I’m intentional about <– over there ] 😉

Today it was back to business, though. Since I’m training for a 5K, I don’t really have any “long runs” in the sense that those training for half-marathons and full marathons have. My Saturday runs are always the longest, though, so I pretend like they’re long runs. I ran a full 25 minutes straight today! I got pretty tired with 10 minutes left in the run while I was running up what seemed like a never ending hill. I was really tempted to back off and walk for a bit, but if I want to run the complete 5K, it’s not going to do me any good to walk when I should be running now. Counting my five minute warmup walk, I covered 2.9 miles in 30 minutes today. When you throw in my extended cooldown walk, I went 3.5 miles total today. Exciting! I ran a new route today and definitely underestimated the amount of time it would take me to finish, which is why my cooldown walk ended up lasting 12 minutes. On the plus side, I felt super recovered by the time I finished 🙂

After showering off, I headed out to Target (also something that didn’t happen yesterday as a result of my Best Friday Night Ever):

Yay new things!

More running clothes! They were actually on sale this week, so I blew the rest of a Target gift card on these lovely items. I realized approximately three seconds ago that a teal shirt was probably not the wisest choice since I already own a pair of shorts in the exact same hue. I actually wanted a hot pink shirt, but they didn’t have any in my size. Alas. I’m pretty stoked about the shorts, though. For one thing, they’re for realizes running shorts. For another thing, they’re purple, which just so happens to be my favorite clothing color of the moment. They also have a key pocket, which definitely made me laugh a little.

What happened on your last Best Night Ever to make it so great?
How long does a run have to be for you to consider it long? 

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