September Comes Early

I don’t know what happened to the rest of July or all of August, but clearly it is already September. Why?

Reason #1: Yesterday I got an e-mail with my first assignment of the upcoming school year. srsly. That e-mail came with 53 days of summer vacation left. I counted. Homework that early is wrong on so many levels. My professor would like all of us to read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and get started on two of the four books we have to read for the semester. My enthusiasm level is about this big:         . Don’t see anything there? Yeah, that’s about where my enthusiasm level is. It’d be one thing if I were spending what could potentially be my last summer vacation ever sitting around on my behind watching TV all day. It’s another thing when I spend 11 hours of my day at work, eight hours of my day sleeping, and around three hours of my day doing those pesky things like “eating” and “getting ready for the day/bed” and “exercising” and “showering.” For those of you with math skills like mine (nonexistent, that is), that leaves me with a whole two hours of my day for myself. Is it really so much to ask to spend those hours as I choose on my last summer vacation ever (maybe) instead of spending them doing homework? I think not.

Reason #2: My birthday made a surprise appearance yesterday! Though my real-life birthday doesn’t come until September, I’ve known since about February that I was going to ask for a new phone for my birthday. Because I have no friends don’t use my cell phone that often, I have a Tracfone. It’s honestly the only phone plan out there that makes any sense financially for me, given how infrequently I use my phone. I’ve been using Tracfone for almost five years now, and they’ve always been  behind the times with their phones i.e.: if it was cool three years ago, it was the best phone Tracfone offered. They finally finally finally got with the times this past April and started offering phones with newfangled technology like QWERTY keyboards (I know, I know. The things they make these days!). I had a fancypants BlackBerry knockoff by LG all picked out and on the hypothetical birthday list, but yesterday my mom found out the phone was on sale for twenty freaking dollars in town. So guess who got a brand spankin’ new phone yesterday?

Horrible picture, awesome phone.

😀 YAY! I can’t actually do anything but play with it right now because I have to transfer my number still, but at least I’m halfway there.

Today was my first legit run of my 5K training! No walking today (aside from the five minute warmup walk), just 20 minutes of straight running. I did my old two-mile loop (the one I used to run when that was my go-to form of exercise back in the day) backwards and added on another half mile loop in the middle. My two-mile loop is flat for a mile and pretty up and down for the other mile. When I run it the normal way, I get all those hills out of the way at the start. Not so much today. That’s all right, though. I’d rather push myself on hills now and have an easier time running in four weeks (!!) than take the easy routes every time I train. It took me about half an hour to finish the whole thing since I walked for five minutes at the start and then walked the rest of the way after I hit my 20 minute mark of running. I felt pretty miserable when I finished running, but that lasted maybe a minute into my cooldown walk. Overall I’m pretty happy with how the run went and sincerely hope the weather on race day is more like today and a lot less like Wednesday. I also happened to run past someone wearing last year’s shirt from the race I’m running, which I thought was pretty exciting. I meant to do a strength training workout once I got home to make up for the one I skipped yesterday…and I did do one of the four sets I meant to do…but that was it. Such is life.

What motivates you to keep your fitness plans?

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