One Month

Guys. It’s July 6. Do you know what that means? We’re a mere 31 days from race day! Holy smokes!

It also means that I’m getting pretty far along in my 5K training. In fact, my next run will be just that–a run. 20 minutes of all running, no walking. I’m excited to see how I handle it. I’m hoping it will be better than today’s run/walk. I felt just as sluggish today as I felt Saturday, despite running at a different time. I think the issue might not be time so much as humidity level. Last Saturday and this morning were both super duper humid, especially in comparison to other days I’ve run. Here’s hoping race day isn’t unbearable sticky and icky.

Speaking of race day, I suppose now would be as good of a time as any to mention my goals for the race. Originally I set my goal time at 25:59 or faster. I thought that was relatively attainable, especially since I know a good portion of the course is flat. In fact, the entire last mile is either flat or downhill, which sounds like a pretty good way to finish a race. The race has used the same course for the past two years, and the winners were finishing with times in the 19s or 20s, so I thought less than 26:00 was reasonable. Then I looked at my age group. If I finished in 25:59 or less, I would’ve won my age group quite easily for the past two years. I’m certainly not opposed to winning my age group, but that seems like a bit lofty of a goal for my first race ever haha. So after some reevaluating, here are my goals for the race (in order):

#1 – finish without walking
#2 – finish anything but last in my age group
#3 – run a better time than my sister

My sister has three 5Ks under her belt. Even though she’s not running the same race as I am (nor has she ever run this race), she’s convinced that there’s no way I could run faster than she does and has told me as such. Dem be fightin’ words! I’m hoping that my training will give me an edge–she consistently runs the same three-mile loop almost daily, whereas I run different routes, times, etc. I guess we’ll see in a month!

In other news, I accomplished a major feat today:


Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you the first candle I lit. Ever. In my entire life. I don’t know what the opposite of a pyro is (maybe a pyrophobiac? I might have just made that word up), but I’m definitely one of them. Fire freaks me out. There really was no need to hide matches from me as a child because there was no chance that I would ever take them out and play with them. I lit a match for the first time ever today (and subsequently, a candle) and survived unscathed. It was quite the accomplishment. I even got a box of matches from my mom out of the deal.

And they're pink!

Don’t judge 😛

If you’re a runner, how did your first race match up with your goals?
Have you set/achieved any major goals lately? 

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