It’s Official!

Guess what I did today?


Even though I’ve been training for this 5K for four weeks now (!) and have been planning on running it since March or so, I’d delayed actually registering for it. I’m weird about my money, and I didn’t have anything set aside specifically for races until this past payday rolled around. But now everything is official and squared away–all that’s left to do is continue running/training!

Speaking of which: today was slightly brutal. For starters, it is a HOT ONE out there today! I ran somewhat early in an effort to beat the worst of the heat, but since I didn’t manage to drag myself out of bed until 8:45 (oops), I didn’t have time to eat breakfast (or anything, really) like I normally do before running and I was draaaagggggiiinnngggg. Note to self: do not wake up 15 minutes before running the actual 5K.

I did some planks per usual once I got home and then one-third did the Seventeen workout I skipped yesterday because my tummy was grumpy. Turns out it wasn’t as much of an arm workout as it was a various muscle group workout, and it was taking for-freaking-ever. I did one set of 30 reps instead of the three sets I was supposed to do before deciding it was well past breakfast time. I fixed that problem quite quickly. Sadly, my attempts at cinnamon French toast did not go as well as I would have liked them to. Next time…

Other recent happenings of note:

– I watched The King’s Speech for the first time last night and looovvveeed it. So good. I spent most of the month of May in Scotland and now have a minor obsession with all things U.K., like the sign at the very beginning of the movie that says “Way Out” instead of “Exit.”

Scotland โ‰  England. That will not keep me from posting this picture ๐Ÿ™‚

– Approximately thirty minutes ago, I witnessed the untimely death of a chipmunk in my backyard. His/her life was cut short by Dave, our resident fox. I had never really seen a fox in the “wild” (if you can consider my backyard to be the wild) until this year when Dave moved in. He had been pretty docile up to this point, and we actually thought he went missing because no one had seen him in over a week, possibly because deer have been hanging out a lot recently and he’s afraid of them. It was lovely to see him again…not so lovely to watch him kill/eat a chipmunk. I’m a bit scarred.

Dave being docile (i.e.: not killing chipmunks)

Do you have any cool and/or murderous wildlife in your backyard?
What’s the best movie you’ve seen recently? ย 

One thought on “It’s Official!

  1. I finaaaaaaaallllly just watched Before Sunrise and it was such a romantic joy. Watch it if you haven’t. Also, WAY TO GO on the 5K. I’ve only run one officially…and they are no small potatoes. Good for you!

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