This afternoon, my body was like, “You know what would be a ballin’ idea? Worst stomachache ever! GO!”

The rest of me right now is like, “No. Poor decision, body.” I’m not sick, because the rest of me feels fine. But my stomach. Wowza. No bueno.

Since working up a sweat sounds like the opposite of a good idea right now, my well-intentioned Seventeen workout plans have once again been thwarted. Bummersauce. I might do them later tonight…or tomorrow.

Other than this minor setback, 5K training has been going along swimmingly. My run on Wednesday went much better than my run on Monday, AND I discovered after I my run that I’m actually going farther than I’m technically supposed to be going at this point. I ran 2.39 (or so) miles on Wednesday. If I were following the distance increments of the running plan rather than the time increments, I would only be going 2 miles. The fact that I’m running farther than they expect me to go in the estimated time has to be good, right? It was also really encouraging to see that because it makes me feel a bit more confident about my goal for this race…which I will be telling you all about later 🙂

Happy holiday weekend!

Update: Now my stomach feels fine o.O. Go figure. Maybe I’ll get this workout in after all. Also, the Cubs have won two games in a row. That is a blogworthy occasion!

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