Best Fwend

Because the Couch-to-5K running plan is awesome, it only asks me to run three days a week. I certainly wouldn’t want to overtrain ( 😉 ), so instead of running on my days off I do “strength training.” Nothing fancy shmancy at a “gym” or with “weights” or something like that. I usually pull out a Seventeen magazine and pick one of their strength training workouts because I’m cool and still like Seventeen.

(Sidenote: despite the fact that it looks like this blog is a disguised advertisement for the Couch-to-5K running program, it most definitely is not. Moving on.)

I had every intention of doing that today. As I was putting my shoes on, though, a visitor appeared.


Blogosphere, meet Cwittewy Face, my bestest fwend in da whole wide world (not really. But don’t tell him that, or you might hurt his feelings). Cwittewy Face has a real name, but since I never call him by his real name, I’ll just refer to him as Cwittewy Face. He’s my 11-year-old puppy and I let him get away with just about anything, including deterring me from my workout plans.

He was whiny and barky and needy so I decided instead of doing my planned strength training that I would go for a walk with him. It ended up not being nearly as tough of a workout as the strength training would’ve been, but it’s GORGEOUS outside, so I was glad to enjoy that rather than sweat my face off in my room.

When we got back, Cwittewy Face was sitting on my bed when I noticed something by his mouth. Upon further inspection, I realized it was this:

via Something's In My Hair

Fringe benefit of working at summer camp: mad tick identification skillz. I knew right away what it was so I grabbed a tissue really fast and got it off his mouth. Thankfully he was cooperative and the tick hadn’t bit, so it wasn’t a challenge. Then I threw the tick away in the trash can outside because I didn’t know where else to put it haha. Thankfully it’s a wood tick, not a deer tick, so no major Lyme disease harm potentially done. But still. Sicknasty. And ticks are just creepy in general. Seriously. Who looks like that?

Any other hardcore bug haters out there like myself?

4 thoughts on “Best Fwend

  1. I would have died! Tics creep me the heck out. I got one once while hiking on my bikini line! It was in Europe and my friend had to bum a cigarette off the hostel clerk to burn the sucker out of me it was in so deep. Talk about an experience. Fire should never come that close to…well, THERE.

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